On one hand, my fingertips are covered with paint, my original two art projects are not finished.

On the other hand, this new flower painting that pop up in the middle of the two painting, I think is going to be pretty good.


There are important Superman stories to be told in response to Ferguson, however, precisely because where the Man of Steel might fail, a mild mannered reporter can succeed. When some of our superheroes are billionaires and playboys, the 1% so to speak, we can realize the significance of secret identities with journalistic day jobs (in Ferguson, Lois Lane, Vicki Vale and Iris West might be more useful than their respective heroes). Superman is unique in this respect because as a bulletproof journalist from a small town, Clark Kent is able to report the events, critique injustice and expose the untruths of a complex situation like Ferguson. If comics are to consider the militarization of police, systemic racism and growing inequality in America (and they bloody well should), then perhaps we don’t just need superheroes as much as we need journalists. Perhaps we need stories of small town USA torn apart, writ large enough in mythic metaphor so that our favorite ubermensch can fight for justice, yet also real enough that a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper can tell us the tragic truths we so often need to know. This isn’t just a job for Superman.

This looks like a job for Clark Kent.

Anthony Castle, “Truth, Justice and Ferguson.”  (via lyrafay)


Hi everyone!

My wonderful fiance and I came across a kitten we’ve become very attached to. She’s a sweet thing, but she has some bruising on her ribs, her whiskers were cut (they’ll grow back, but it’s not a nice thing to do - it affects how they perceive things and their eyesight) and her fur was shaved. She’s roughly five weeks old and may have worms, judging by the swelling of her belly, and she has earmites. We’ve recently hit hard financial times that won’t be alleviated until after the New Year.

As an artist, my fiance is offering small-scale commissions in return for donations. All donations will go to her care. We need roughly $200 - 250 for her care, including a check-up, blood panel, medication (for worms and earmites, if diagnosed), microchip and shots.

He is capable of many different styles and would be happy to make commissions regarding NSFW (for a little extra depending on how graphic), self-portraits, Sims, animals (his cat doodles are the cutest!).

As for pricing, there are three examples above.

The first example is a sketch for $5.

The second example is a drawing for $10.

The third is a more in-depth sketch for $20.

Each additional character is $5 for basic sketches and $10 for more in-depth drawings.

If you’re interested in seeing other work of his, click here. Beware, there are some NSFW images.

If you’d like to just donate without requesting a commission, bless you! Every penny is very much appreciated. The link will take you to PayPal.

If you’d like to donate, click HERE.

If the link does not work for you, click HERE and click the DONATE button.

Notate your URL in the “special instructions” box and he will contact you to ask you for a little bit of information on what you want! :)

If you’re interested in getting a favorite pet or Sim or even your significant other drawn, while also helping to secure a kitten a forever home, this is a great way to do it! Thank you to all, and please pass this along and reblog. ♥

Here is another random thought. Deadpool vs Jason from Friday the 13th. Jason keeps trying to kill Deadpool. Deadpool is cracking jokes and being supre friendly. Sexy teenagers show up, see Deadpool and run away screaming. Eventually Jason pulls out a sigh like Wiley E. Coyote that says He has to go home. His mom needs him. 

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

So I spent part of this evening finishing up on a craft project and watching Ghostbusters. Here are some random thoughts that concurred to me. If they seem odd, we will blame it on the Acrylic paint.

1. I have watched Ghostbusters at least half a dozen times. In all that time, I never noticed until tonight that Dana had bought Staypuff Marshmallows. 

2. I have watched this movie many times. However it was only until recently that I had the nerve to watch and see what was in Dana’s icebox. My brain always produce terrifying early black and white cartoon of what was in the icebox. Some of those old cartoons… they were very messed up. I was a little disappointed when I took the courage to finally see this scene.

3. I have several thoughts on this picture. Ghostbusters didn’t really have that many ghosts in it when compared to Ghostbusters 2. I heard that there is a bio for all the ghosts in this movie. Slimer is as I was told he was a greedy baron and a gypsy cursed him. I don’t know if that is true. Did the cartoon Ghostbusters ever explain why Slimer was part of the team? I really liked that cartoon. I think that they did a good job on the zombie taxi cab driver. Did the businessman end up at the Columbia Building or in the Afterlife?

4. I suspected that white hair gentleman that Egon pokes is a vampire. He showed up on the meter as something odd. Egon pokes him to see if he has mass. I know from movies and books that vampires like fancy digs like that hotel. 

5. This poor man is always going to be  Carl Winslow to me. It pleases me that he is helping New York City with ghosts or Bruce  with sexy voiced terrorists across the country.We need to clone Carl Winslow

6. Is there a more cheerful looking bad guy in any other movie? . Even when he looks mean, he is still super adorable. What could be cuter? Bunnies? Puppies? Also when the marshamallow man exploded, I think that the bad guy EPA man would have died from burns with that much melted marshallow on him. 

Ghostbusters is a good movie. I wish there was a third one. I was sad when Harold Ramis died because I wanted another Ghostbuster movie. I wanted the romance from the cartoon to be on the big screen because I am a geeky girl.